PulState is a new brand of supplements, which aims to provide original, quality modern designs.

We began our journey with these three models of bracelets that indicate the state in which you find yourself:

Red Bracelet: indicates that you are in a relationship.

Green Bracelet: you are single.

Blue Bracelet: you are happy with your current personal status.

Little by little we will be offering more designs you will disclose.

Our bracelets are made with completely hypoallergenic and nickel-free materials. Containing a piece in zamak with antique silver bath.

In PulState our main concern is the client and perceive us, so if you are ever dissatisfied with our services, or simply have a question, we would love you to put us, for you, our customer, You're the one who gives life to PulState.

In PulState we care about the effect on electronic commerce and purchases made through our platform legality, so always respect the privacy and data usage. Never will this data to third parties, this you can read in more detail in our privacy policy.

Sincerely PulState team.

"All that is timeless fashion, style never" Coco Chanel

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