There are three options when making payment. You can pay by PayPal, credit card or debit card and bank transfer.

Data provided for payments will never be used for any purpose other than the payment and delivery of the product purchased, or refund if that case should occur. These data will never be shared with any third party, unless fraud is committed, in which case Police will be informed.



Thepayment dataentered inthe PayPal pageare sentviaa secure SSL connection, ie asecure server.

If you chooseto pay byPayPal,you will be redirectedto thePayPalcheckoutpagewhereyou will introduceyourPayPalemailwithyourpassword andthenmake the payment.

If a refundwere done,would be madethrough the samemeans by whichyou paid.


If youpay withyour credit cardor debit card, you must access thePayPalpayment methodwhereyouwill find twooptions:

Paywith yourPayPalaccount orPay using yourcredit cardor debit cardeven without aPayPalaccount.




Two shipping methods can be chosen:

Regular Mail: This delivery method has no tracking number or pager. PulState WILL NOT be liable for loss or deterioration on shipping by mail.

Price: including for the EU area. Rest € 20


Certified Mail:Thisshipping method has pager ortracking number available,so you canknow where yourorder is at any time.

Price: € 10 for the EU area. Rest € 50



-Local: 1business day

-Provincial: 2 business days.

-National: 3 or 4working days.

- Europe:2-4business days.

- Otherdestinations: according to country.

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